Renewable energy is changing the world little by little and more people are beginning to know about it more.  There are currently a lot of renewable energy projects and investments which are being made especially as the demand for renewable energy keeps growing with a drop in the cost. Solar and wind energy have continued to be developed and can be seen in many public spaces. In 2010 the first solar project on public land was approved, ever since many more projects on public spaces have been approved as the demand for the years since many more projects have been approved.

Over the last century, the development of energy was confined to coal, gas and oil extractions which have led to massive air pollution and climate change. Thanks to renewable energy these side effects can be avoided with the development on our public lands. The need to create a safer and better every source has risen as we continued extraction of coal, oil and gas has led to a lot of side effects on the community, the climate and the whole public as a whole.

Creating a consistent energy source which won’t be of any harm to the environment and public is one of the most important pressing issues of the 21st century. It is necessary that we start working beyond the reliability of fossil fuel which is harmful to the health of our land, our communities, water, and air, and focus more on sustainable energy which can be used for many more years to come.

Why is renewable energy important to public spaces?

Renewable energy in public land will be modernized, promoted and improved while important wildlife and fish habitats will be protected eventually on public spaces.

Placing solar and wind energy on public spaces will ensure that the best projects will be matched to the ideal and most suitable locations. All the royalties which are directed to renewable energy projects will be directed to making the community a better place which means the funding will be going back to the benefit of the state. Many tea houses and coffee shops now have made their in-store functioning’s a lot more biodegradable by adopting renewable energy resources recyclable drinking cups and cutleries.

Green Business

Through an increase in the supply of renewable energy in public spaces, carbon-intensive energy sources would be replaced which will reduce global warming. The more carbon-intensive energy sources being used the more the chances of global warming is increased.

By placing renewable energy on public spaces the public health will be improved as all the air and water pollution caused by coal and natural gas plants will be avoided. Diseases which these natural gas sources are linked to include neurological damage, heart attack, premature death, cancer and many other serious problems which they cause.

Renewable energy sources like solar every and wind energy do not require water before they can operate which makes it impossible for water pollution or using a lot of water resource to function. Whereas natural energy uses a lot of water resource before they can operate which makes it costlier.

More jobs will also be created thanks to renewable energy as it is more labour intensive, all the solar panels and other equipment’s used to operate the renewable energy sources need to be installed by humans and also maintenance. Renewable energy has already led to the employment of thousands of people as more solar panels are being installed and many more renewable projects are being developed.

A lot of business lines now use renewable energy to make their ‘go green’ statement and as a part of company corporate social responsibility. Consider the example of a beauty parlour. The store utilises plenty of electronic items without which running their business would be unimaginable. However, many make-up Salons, now have come up with eco- friendly, renewable items that cuts down the electricity consumption and appeals to the environment friendly customers.

Renewable energy is definitely a source with many benefits as it doesn’t only provide a consistent non-consuming source of energy but also offers more health benefits compared to natural gas and other fossil fuels. Renewable energy is definitely one of the biggest things which should be developed and invested in.


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