A new  transport utopia will be ushered in with driverless cars, at least according to many of their backers.  Artwork for these cars of the future often show passengers facing each other, doing some work, reading, or enjoying some other activity as the car they are in does all of the driving for them. However, my argument would be that one of the main attractions of a driverless car is being able to do something else, even if its just relaxing to music with your eyes closed while you’re safely  transported to your destination of choice.

Other experiments undertaken which echo other research previously done, found that the ability to perform a simple reading task was dramatically reduced, up to 40%. This happens just by being driven around at normal speeds on an ever day urban route. However, there may be technological ways to combat this issue.

It might be possible to design driverless cars which will reduce the chances of motion sickness. There is technology out there that can reliably predict a passenger’s motion sickness simply by monitoring their vital signs, their posture and data gathered from the vehicle for past and predicted future motions. By using this, we can very easily create a personalised recovery programme. This would  depend on the individual and what they were doing. By using this data, we can adapt the cars settings to minimise any disturbing motion and this will  maximise a passengers comfort.

More research will focus on how we can help  people adapt to gradually get used to riding in a driverless car and eventually in the future to  multi-task so they experience less motion sickness. the idea is also to gather a passengers biometric data in remote and discreet ways and then use artificial intelligence to process this information. This will be in the hopes of  working out how well they are coping with all the training and adjust it accordingly to their needs.

By enabling passengers to do other things like reading or using their mobile devices while riding, we can help people stop getting sick from the idea of riding in a car without a human driver.


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