There has been a longstanding debate as to when is the right time to take the plunge into parenthood that seems to have no end.  While some people would like to have children in their 20’s it seems there are many who want to have them later in life in their 30’s or 40’s.
Some want to live life to the fullest before they have children and some will tell you they don’t want to be old parents.
Everyone has their own opinions as to when they prefer to have children but do you actually know the pros and cons of having children later in life?

There are many disadvantages but also some good advantages as well but overall it depends on what you want to get out of life and what kind of parent you want to be.
Older parents can offer good and bad things to children just the same the other way around.


The pros:

  • You have had the chance to take holidays, enjoy sleep-ins and simply do what you want when you want. Young parents may need to put off holidays until the child is old enough to look after themselves.
  • More financially stable. Older adults tend to already have their home and stable career with a generous savings account. Therefore there will be no financial burden when having children and everything that comes with it like nappies, wipes, bottles, clothes and bedroom furniture. Having financial stability will also help with the extra expenses, such as for IVF sex selection and potential hospital bills, that are associated with a pregnancy later in life.
  • Older adults tend to be more patient. You are well experienced in the big and small stuff and tend not to worry yourself about the small petty problems.
  • You have the time to enjoy your children. There is no stress trying to organise having a baby but also building a career. Older parents tend to enjoy the time rather than young parents who tend to not be aware of the time passing.



  • As you age your fertility declines and it will become harder to get pregnant the older you are. That being said, using a process such as IVF gender selection can help to increase the odds of a successful conception.
  • You tend to gain more health problems as you age so having children younger means you are unlikely to have serious health problems while having children.
  • The older you are means you give your children less time with you. Having children late in life when we are susceptible to strokes and heart attacks means we could have less time with our children.
  • Your time with the grandchildren is significantly shorter by the time you have children if you are in your 40’s then you may wait twenty or so years until grandchildren are on the way. As we age we lose energy to play with their grandchildren and enjoy life outdoors.
  • Children can face trouble at school for having older parents. Friends around them will notice. It can be awkward talking to the mums at school when you are old enough to be their mother.

There are many pros and cons but this solely shouldn’t make your decision to have children later in life. The decision needs to be made on your own wants and needs in life and decide where you want your life to head and work that in with when would be most suited to have children. But remember, whenever you decide to take the plunge into parenthood, raising children can still be incredibly rewarding for you and your family. Just make sure you are armed with all the facts when it comes to making the decision.

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