It can be extremely nerve-racking knowing that you have to leave the comfort of your home when getting prepped for surgery. Sometimes you don’t know how long you might be there, so you want to ensure you have the necessary things to make the experience go smoothly. It helps to have a list of these things written down as well, in the event you don’t have time to pack. A relative or loved one can use the list as a guide and save everyone the trouble. You should also prepare for the aftermath of the surgery; you may need to alternate between therapy and other specialist appointments which will be hard to adjust to at first.

Here are some of the things you would need and feel free to improvise if necessary.

Comfortable Clothes

Hospitals can get chilly seeing that the temperature has to be kept low to defend against bacteria. Most persons would prefer to wear their clothes instead of that thin hospital gown, and you will need clothes for when you get discharged as well. Your bag should have at least a few of the following: underwear, nightgowns, pyjamas, sweaters and short pants. If you plan to wear gowns a lot, then it’s wise to pack a few shorts because those gowns can be a bit revealing. Don’t forget to bring soft shoes/slippers with a non-slip sole.

Reading Material

Sometimes it can get very boring especially when you’re in a room by yourself, and it’s just you and the hospital mattress. Therefore, reading books and magazines help to pass the time and they are also an excellent way to keep your brain active and distracted at the same time. Keep it simple and pick books that you know you will read comfortably.

Oral Health Supplies

Even when you’re getting ready for surgery, you will still need to do basic things like brushing your teeth. Be sure you have your toothpaste, toothbrush and even a small bottle of mouthwash. Regardless of where you are, your oral hygiene is still essential. Place them in a small pouch that can be easily accessed instead of cramming everything into the bag.

oral health

Wipes and Sanitizers

People use hospital bathrooms, and although they might look clean, it can be the total opposite. Furthermore, this will reduce the chances of you picking up any germs from places such as doorknobs, bed rails, and bathroom counters that are handled by several other patients. Just imagine coming to the hospital to do surgery, and you end up leaving with a bad cold or something more serious.

Personal Medical Supplies

Vitamins, previous medical reports, health insurance cards and medications (in their original packaging) are some of the items that would fall under this category. It is very likely that your doctor may ask for one or more of the items listed before performing any surgery based on the value of the information. If you received any verbal directives from your doctor, you should relay it to the surgeon as well. Small things like these can help in deciding the best ways to handle the situation as it relates to prescribing additional medication, giving more verbal directives and so on.

There you have it – A basic idea of the things you may need for your stay at the hospital before and after surgery. While it is essential to have things that will make you feel comfortable, you should also be careful not to over pack as that can lead to more hassle. As mentioned earlier, feel free to improvise as you see fit because some hospitals will tell you precisely what to carry and you may feel the need to add something extra to make things easier on yourself.

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