Whenever people are tempted to choose between saving water or electricity, the power of thirst is the first warning they recall. Like plants, every individual needs water to survive. However, humans have lived in medieval times without knowing the importance of electricity. However, conserving water is an important issue of survival. Sustainability is becoming a priority with many engineering companies in Australia, and we should follow suit! Here are proven ways of saving both water and electricity at home.

Some Benefits of Conserving Water

Water Supports Existence

Surely, humans will die within a few days of living without drinking water. When you are faced with the options of conserving water, it makes sense to choose water. Potable water supports existence, and there’s no substitute for this life-supporting liquid.

Save Utility Bills

Water conservation helps to save the cost of utility bills. You can spend these savings on other home essentials. There are many ways people use water at home; for cooking, drinking, bathing, washing clothes, and dishes. With a thorough calculation, you should understand why water companies bring crazy bills when you fail to fix a broken water pipe.

How to Save Money from Water Conservation

Use a Dishwasher

It’s not all kitchen utensils that are dishwasher-safe. Generally, dishwashers help to conserve over 1/6 of water used in hand-washing your dishes. Instead of allowing the tap to fill up containers for hand-washing and rinsing, you can use the dishwasher and a little quantity of water to rinse.

Conserve Water for the Garden

Your garden plants are like humans, they can’t survive for long without water. The smart way of conserving water for garden plants is to connect a tank to your drainpipe. You can ask your plumber to install a water butt that connects the drainpipe with the tank. Apart from plants, the water can be used for washing your cars.

Stop the Flow

It’s wasteful to keep the tap running while shaving or brushing your teeth. Instead, you can fill a cup with water while brushing your teeth. Open the faucet to fetch warm water and rinse-off shaving gel from your razor blade. These ideas are better than allowing water to flow from the tap.

Stop the Leakage

Broken and weakened water pipes can increase your utility bill. Little drops of water can reach a daily volume of 20 litres, and that’s enough to bathe for three days. You can avoid unnecessary costs by fixing the leak without delay.

Low-Pressure Shower Heads

Conserving bathroom water is easy with a low-flow showerhead. You can install this bathroom fixture to reduce the volume of water that your family consumes daily. There is a superior brand of low-flow shower heads that can reduce bath water by 50 percent.

How to save Water

How to Save Money from Electricity Conservation

You might decide to share the burden of saving water with electricity. You don’t have to be a superhero to achieve both tasks. Renewable energy is becoming the go-to option for electricity these days – because of the environmental benefits. Here are simple, energy-saving tips that can benefit every homeowner.


You can conserve energy by drying kitchen pots, and utensils with a dish towel. Instead of programming the dishwasher’s heated dry cycle, you can avoid extra energy cost by opening the dishwasher door to allow for drying with air.

Washing Machine

Coldwater laundry allows you to mix lighter and darker shades of clothes. Simply avoid unnecessary energy costs by turning off the heating element in washing machines. When it’s time to dry your clothes, avoid the dryer and use traditional drying method with sunlight.

Use Energy-saving Bulbs

The use of traditional light bulbs is a surefire way of increasing energy costs. There are energy-saving halogen bulbs that are more efficient than old tungsten lamps.

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