Have you ever been curious about what you would look like if you were born with a different colour for eyes? One would agree with the fact that they are the most attractive attributes of a person. How one wishes to communicate with another is deeply enhanced with their personality and reaction best expressed through their eyes. With contacts, you are able to satisfy that curiosity. It is possible to see how much your attributes can change. As a personal opinion, contact lenses must be tried or experimented with at least once in a lifetime. A lot of men and women are cautious of contact lenses as there involves the mortifying factor of touching one’s eyeballs during the process of trying it on. There are myths and misconceptions regarding contact lenses which we attempt to dispel here so you can try new contact lenses without much worry.


Myth 1 – Fear of causing damage to the eyes

No one would ever consider wearing lenses if they’re meant to cause guaranteed damage to the eyes. They are meant to be absolutely harmless and help you manage the perfect vision. There are, of course, certain precautions one must consider and observe when using lenses. Hygiene first, you have to wash the lenses as well as your hands thoroughly before trying them on. There are various varieties of lenses. Clean your hands and be certain to not have any residue of soap in your hands. It may be best in the event that you stay away from hand sanitizers. Don’t sleep while wearing lenses, and its best recommended to avoid having lenses on during naps as well. Try to refrain from them. The outcomes could be dangerous and unpleasant.


Myth 2 – Only people with the right vision can use coloured lenses

One of the major misconceptions revolves around the fact that those people with a prescription or high power cannot buy coloured contact lenses. In reality, prescription lenses are provided by all significant contact lens manufacturers. It is maybe challenging to come across contact lenses that are coloured for those who have astigmatism in a brick and mortar shop, but they are readily available online. You shouldn’t be afraid to try coloured contact lenses if you require prescription lenses. They may be a fascinating alteration to your appearance and will help you feel more confident and expressive.

Lenses with solution

Myth 3 – They seem Unnatural

The look of contact lenses depends upon which ones you purchase. High-quality contacts may seem natural and may not be noticeable as a different colour unless somebody is paying attention to your eyes explicitly. Additionally, it depends on your pick. Some folks are born with eye colours which appear completely unnatural or out of the ordinary. You should select a colour that perfectly complements your skin tone, hair colour and of course be in accordance with your flair for style. This way, you can prevent the look of lenses and look your best self in the process.


Myth 4 – They cause discomfort

This could not be further from the truth. Contacts are comfortable for many people. Many would forget they are even there in the first place. However, there are a few who seem to not get used to it at all. Soft lenses are made for relaxation and would sit in your eye correctly, just like how you would want it to. You’re guaranteed prolonged comfort as long as your lenses don’t get dry and start to shrink. To ensure that the shrinkage does not happen, it is recommended to blink your eyes often and refrain from wearing lenses for an extended time frame

Seriously, there aren’t many reasons out there for you to not try them out at least once. Indulge in a bit of fun by purchasing coloured contact lenses and add some colour to your life.

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