Coronavirus crisis: a guide to self-isolation

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and it can be confusing for people to know what is happening.

Do I need to self-quarantine?

If you have come back from overseas within the last fourteen days then yes you need to go into isolation. Some countries are only going through small outbreaks others have the whole town shut down due to huge numbers of people contracting the coronavirus. The situation depends on the places you’ve visited, and whether those places have sneeze guards in place as a preventative measure. If you can, it is an excellent idea to self-quarantine yourself just as an extra precaution for yourself and others.

The COVID-19 disease was caused by the novel coronavirus, which can bring on symptoms between two to fourteen days after you have been exposed. Even if you feel fine within the first few days, you need to wait a full fourteen days to make sure no other symptoms develop within that period.

I haven’t travelled, But Someone In The Office Has

If you have been in close contact with a person who has travelled or has been feeling unwell within the last fourteen days, then you should isolate yourself. If you have only just waved from across the hall or spoke through a virus protection screen, you may be fine, but it will depend on what surfaces that person has touched and if it was transmitted that way to others.

In Quarantine, What Am I Looking For?

This virus is a respiratory disease, and the symptoms are coughing, chest pains, fever and difficulty breathing.  If you have any of those symptoms when you are in self-isolation, then you need to call your doctor asap who will advise what you are to do next. Don’t rush to the doctors and risk infecting others in the area along the way. Get medical advice from a professional before heading to the hospital.

How Do I Live When Stuck At Home For The Isolation Period?

curious woman staring out through metal bars in isolationThe virus has taught us that we touch our face way too much without even realising it. If you need to go into isolation, you may think about rushing to the shops to buy some food for that period but think twice. From here now, you cannot go anywhere or have any physical contact with people. Most supermarkets are offering delivery services for food if you are in isolation. These will be left at your door, and you cannot come out until the delivery driver has gone. This will avoid infecting anyone at the shops or the delivery driver.

If you have enough food at home for the isolation period, then don’t go over-ordering and risk depleting the services from those who may need them.

What To Do In Isolation For Two Weeks?

Here is where you need your imagination. If you have side projects you want to get done then now is the time to start. If you are well and have the energy, you can catch up on housework or even relax and enjoy the time you have to do whatever you want. Now would be the right time to buy a Netflix subscription.  You can get friends to drop off books, puzzles anything like that as long as they leave it at your door and you don’t have any physical contact with them. Skype is good to keep in contact with family and friends and even do crosswords together via skype to avoid getting lonely and depressed.

If you are struggling with isolation, remember it won’t be forever, and it is better than infecting friends and family or risk getting it yourself.


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